Christian Jankowski. Artist's Path, 2010 @Galerie Michael Fuchs
Christian Jankowski. Artist’s Path, 2010 @Galerie Michael Fuchs

“To boldly go where no art fan has gone before!”

This is Gallery Quest’s motto. To explore the art scene in Berlin like  a true adventure, in a city where there is an art-treasure to be found around (almost) every corner.  Read all about it in the blog and come along to see for yourself on a tour!



Gallery Quest designed and organized gallery tours for the following organisations:


Open tours

Every month or so, Gallery Quest organizes open gallery tours on a Friday or a Saturday. We explore a new Kietz every time. The tours are between 2-2,5 hrs, in Dutch, German or in English. Check here for upcoming tours.


Private tours

On request, we can make the tour exactly as you want – in the neighborhood you prefer, the duration you like, in Dutch, English or German. Feel free to contact me to discuss your personal preferences and check under tours for examples where you can go.

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